Beats Nest Cam IQ in a head-to-head competition

“The smartest home camera ever.”

“Lighthouse is the smartest and most unique home security camera you can buy.”

“The future of home security.”

“Smarter than Amazon and Google's home security cameras.”

“It has a nifty natural language interface.”

“Lighthouse’s system is remarkable in its ability to learn over time.”

“Lighthouse will know if someone is in the home who shouldn't be.”

“Lighthouse wins the battle." beating Nest Cam IQ

“It’s terrific, and maybe the best smart home app I’ve ever tested.”

The camera you just ask.

With 3D sensing and AI technology, Lighthouse takes a leap beyond home security cameras. To know what happened, just ask. And get notified about activities specific to your life at home.

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The magic of AI. At your service.

Lighthouse uses our exclusive AI Service, making it so much more than the best home security camera.

Real-life updates tailored to you.
Security alerts you won’t ignore.
Recognizes people by face.
A search engine for life at home.
Knows people from pets.
Your 30-day video history.

Real-life updates tailored to you.

Get notified about things you actually care about, like the kids coming home, whether the dog walker’s running late or if an elderly parent wasn’t in the kitchen at the normal time.


Security alerts you won’t ignore.

For security, our AI service only notifies you when Lighthouse detects actual movement from people or large objects (like doors) when you’re away. Not shadows or pets.


Recognizes people by face.

Train Lighthouse to recognize people by face. Keep up with your family’s everyday adventures, and get notified if Lighthouse sees a new friendly face at home.


Knows people from pets.

Lighthouse uses advanced AI we’ve been training for years, so it knows the difference between people and pets, kids and adults, and who you know and those you don’t.


Your 30-day video history.

Review activity, search video by voice or text, and save and share clips from the past 30 days across all your Lighthouse cameras.


Free 90-day trial included. Opt in for $10/mo or one-time fee of $200. Service not required for standard features.

The right stuff, right out of the box.

Get 1080p live streaming, night vision, two-way talk,
the first-of-its-kind 3D sensor and so much more.

  • Easy Wi-Fi setup
  • Full HD
    night vision
  • Security siren
  • Industry-first
    3D sensor
  • 1080p live stream
  • Two-way talk
  • Base tilts up/down
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Camera for indoor use only.

Buy it for security. Use it for life.

It eliminates false security alerts like no other camera can – already making it worth the price. But a camera that also notifies you if the kids are running late or whether someone walked the dog? That’s priceless.


Privacy built for your home. And ours.

We’ve implemented security protocols and privacy policies that meet the highest standards in our industry – and what we’d want for our own families.

Privacy mode

Turn the camera off automatically for total privacy when you’re home, or manually whenever you want.

Exclusive Guest Control

To eliminate false security alerts and get better notifications on what’s happening at home, you can invite family and trusted guests to the app – and set strict access permissions to keep your video private.

Data security

All connections between the app, your camera and our cloud servers on Amazon Web Services use bank-level AES encryption.

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Get your Lighthouse today.

Your home has never seen smarts like this. Enjoy the home of tomorrow for just $299.

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