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It’s everything you expect in the world’s most advanced security camera. And with 3-D powered computer vision, virtually zero false alerts, AI for facial recognition and search by voice, it’s everything you didn’t expect.
Lighthouse is built with great technology: built in Wi-fi antenna, Night vision, 3D Sensor, 1080p Camera, Microphone, Siren, and Speaker! Lighthouse is built with great technology: built in Wi-fi antenna, Night vision, 3D Sensor, 1080p Camera, Microphone, Siren, and Speaker!

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I hate false alerts (so do we).

“What happened when Bob the Handyman was here last Tuesday?”

“Tell me when you see someone with the dog”

“Tell me when you see someone new”

Let's go live.

What happened while I was out?

What happened when The House Cleaner was there?

Get security alerts only when Lighthouse detects actual movement from people or large objects (like doors) when you're away. Not shadows or pets.

When the handyman stops by while you're away, simply ask Lighthouse to show you what happened. Were they on time? Is everything in order? You'll know.

When trusted guests have access to your home, you still want the peace of mind that all is well. And Lighthouse can tell you if Spot got walked on time.

Train Lighthouse to recognize family and trusted guests by face, and get notified when Lighthouse sees a new one. Like when kids bring a new friend home.

Whether it's the nanny or Grandma looking after the kids, you can check in live to see how it's going.

It's like having a search engine for your life at home. Wanna know what happened? Just ask Lighthouse.

Designate trusted guests and family members, and set searches and notifications around them. Get up to speed on what happened when the housecleaner was there.

The camera that peers into the future.

Lighthouse can’t predict the future, but you can set it to alert you when very specific future events happen (or don’t happen). Like, “ping me when Jill gets home from school after 3pm on weekdays” or “ping me if Grandma doesn’t enter the kitchen by 9AM.” All cameras can show you what happened in the past. Only Lighthouse can be set to scan for events in the future. We’ll be on the lookout, so you don’t have to be.


See Lighthouse in action

Lighthouse is the first truly smart home camera, enabled by the most advanced computer vision and AI technology ever put into a home device. It’s the only home security camera on the market that creates a 3D model of the room to understand what it sees, using technology from self-driving cars.

With people and pet detection, facial recognition and so much more, it’s no wonder CNBC praised us as “smarter than Amazon and Google’s home security cameras.” But seeing is believing — so check us out in action below:


Why Gizmodo named us the #1 AI camera.

Alerts that look ahead

Be notified for what you want to know, when you want to know it — even if it hasn’t happened yet. Set custom alerts for what matters most to you, and trust Lighthouse will stay vigilant so you don’t have to.

Recognizes people by face

Our AI and computer vision technology can recognize individual people. So you can search for videos by name, and get notified if anyone new ever shows up in the house.

Real alerts, not false alarms

Lighthouse is the only camera on the market with 3D sensing technology that virtually eliminates false alerts from shadows and lighting changes. Because nobody wants a security camera that always cries wolf.

A search engine for your home

Made for capturing bad guys, great for catching shenanigans. Easily search video for kids and pets, and answer the age-old question of what happens when the adults are away.

Tech that speaks your language

The first security camera that can understand your questions, just like Alexa. Our advanced Natural Language Processing interface means all you ever have to do is ask.

1080p camera and clear HD night vision

Check in at home, anytime. Crystal-clear high-definition 1080p live stream and full HD night vision mean you can keep an eye out, day or night.

Why Lighthouse outshines the competition.


Lighthouse Find the video you want in seconds with our voice search. Boosted by AI, you can search for specific times, dates, and even people. It’s litereally as easy as asking.


Other cameras Manually scrub through footage and hope you don’t miss anything important. At most, get a list of clips organized per day. Happy scrolling!


Lighthouse With Lighthouse, when you get real-time alerts, you’ll know they’re important. Our 3D sensing and AI tech can tell the difference between a cat burglar and your actual cat.


Other cameras Easily fooled by shadows, pets, and lighting changes, so you’re hit with tons of false alerts — which you often end up turning off. What’s the point of a security camera you ignore?


Lighthouse All cameras show you what happened. Only Lighthouse can be set to look for events in the future. It remembers what events you want to watch out for, and notifies you when they happen.


Other cameras No other camera scans for future events. Instead, the burden is on you to remember to check in at the right times, or review footage right after.

Top marks, all around.

"Named the #1 AI Home Security Camera, beating Nest Cam IQ in a head-to-head competition."

"The future of home security."

"Smarter than Amazon and Google’s home security cameras.”

"Named Most Intelligent Home Security Camera: “The smartest and most unique camera you can buy."

"While other security cameras can record video in a binary fashion when motion is detected, the upside of Lighthouse (which can’t be over- stressed) is that you don’t have to hunt through hours of video recording to figure out what happened while you were away from home."

"No other camera can really compare to what Lighthouse is offering in the smarts department. The Nest Cam IQ comes close, but it’s still not quite as slick. Because of this, the Lighthouse wins the battle for the most artificially intelligent home security camera."

"Lighthouse, with its ping system and advanced AI features, seems particularly powerful, especially considering how it can be customized to your specific lifestyle needs."

"It’s the smartest home camera I’ve ever tested....It isn’t so much a security camera as it is a smart set of eyes that can very accurately tell you what’s going on. And unlike other cameras, you don’t need to scrub through hours of recordings to see what happened while you were away: All actions are easily searchable.”

"If the AI functions appeal to you, then this camera is hard to beat. You can do things like asking it what your cat did during the day in plain talk rather than having to scrub through all your footage to see what feline shenanigans take place."

"It's the only camera we've reviewed that lets you use commands to create custom notifications and search for videos, and its AI and 3D sensing technology did an outstanding job of identifying people and pets and eliminating false alerts in testing."

"Where Lighthouse really gets interesting is through the custom notifications or “pings” that you can create."

"Lighthouse’s special trick is a camera system that can sense 3-D space."

"It has a nifty natural-language interface."

Lighthouse social reviews.

Danny Winget

"The game changer is the software. It's like having a time machine in your hands. What happened four days ago? You can can do that just with your voice.

Jr. Tech

"Overall, I'm a huge fan of the Lighthouse camera especially after testing the indoor Nest camera, I would recommend the Lighthouse camera over the Nest because of the superb software."

Authen Tech

"I've tested a lot of cameras, and with smart alerts and searches, it definately feels futuristic"

Smarter Home Life

It had zero false alerts, and that's light years ahead of other video cameras and video doorbells that I've tested.

Tomas Villegas

"It is a great camera and has a ton of fantastic features that really set it apart from other services."

tech Ninja

The Lighthouse camera is the smartest camera I have ever seen.....If you want to be notified and feel like you have control over your house, even if you're not home, then you should certainly check out Lighthouse.

What our customers say.

David C.
5 stars
Flawless performance!

“This AI 3D camera is insane! 3D scanning totally makes the ‘home camera’ reliable. I can easily look to see what my cats and dogs are doing, when my 2 kids get home from school. Only 1 feature I am waiting for is the ability to record audio with the motion clips. I have Nest cameras and always get false triggers on them. I have never had a false trigger on this one. It’s a little bit more expensive than other cams but it’s totally worth it!”

Dale T.
5 stars
Awesome camera

“This camera is way cool. Nothing else like this on the market. I love the alerts and the daily recap. The fact that it recognizes people and pets is reason enough to buy the camera…”

Stefan H.
5 stars
Much better than Nest cam

“The people recognition actually works. Input through voice is awesome. Easy to install.”

5 stars
We love our lighthouse

“Just returned from a 6 week roadtrip and Lighthouse worked flawlessly. Nice to see when the plants were being watered and everything at the house was running smoothly. Never any false alerts like our old systems. Would highly recommend Lighthouse for peace of mind and a very SMART system.”

5 stars
Really cool product!

“Really cool product! It's awesome to have the ability to just ask the Lighthouse what was going on and it finds the specific scenes for you. No endless scrolling through recordings. The "ping me" function is also great.”

Harry G.
5 stars
Amazing advancement in home monitoring technology!

“My wife and I have been using the Lighthouse system in our home for about four months, and it has been working really well. It is just the indoors solution we've been seeking for the past five years. We've looked at every new indoor system that has come along, and none provides the intelligence that Lighthouse provides, accurately and consistently recognizing faces. I especially like the ability to easily set up custom queries and pings with the very smart AI interface. What a great advancement!”

5 stars
Highly recommend best camera I have had and I have had many

“Very good product, highly recommend. Good crisp clean picture lets you identify people, have had several cameras, this one's best one by far.”

5 stars
Is it possible to fall in love with a camera?

“This was so easy to install and works great. It "learned" really fast who lives here.”

Privacy built for your home. And ours.

We’ve implemented security protocols and privacy policies that meet the highest standards in our industry – and what we’d want for our own families.

Privacy mode

Turn the camera off automatically for total privacy when you’re home, or manually whenever you want.

Exclusive guest control

To eliminate false security alerts and get better notifications on what’s happening at home, you can invite family and trusted guests to the app – and set strict access permissions to keep your video private.

Data security

All connections between the app, your camera and our cloud servers on Amazon Web Services use bank-level AES encryption.

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