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There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing when you’re part of something new. Something exciting. And something meaningful. We live in a time where some fundamental technologies — like artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning and natural language processing — have a chance to make a huge impact on our world and everyday lives. And for us, one of the most interesting possibilities is how we can apply all of this to the place that matters most: our home.
The start of something big.
Lighthouse got its start in the computer science labs of Stanford, where our CTO and Co-founder Hendrik Dahlkamp worked on Stanley, Stanford’s pioneering self-driving car. After being on the first team to ever win the DARPA Grand Challenge for autonomous vehicles, Hendrik continued his work in Sebastian Thrun’s lab, where he met our CEO and Co-founder Alex Teichman, an expert in semi-supervised learning on 3D sensors. The two computer scientists helped develop multiple technologies that enabled advancements in computer vision and depth perception. Alex and Hendrik saw a huge opportunity in applying these technologies in transformative ways, and Lighthouse was born.
Stanley car: Stanley-at-DARPA
Stanley, the first autonomous vehicle to complete the 132-mile DARPA Grand Challenge course in the Mojave Desert.
Our founders.
Alex profile pic: Alex-Teichman-Lighthouse
Alex Teichman — CEO and Co-founder
While receiving his PhD in computer science, Alex led Stanford’s research on self-driving car perception, inventing machine learning techniques that enabled self-driving cars to learn to recognize objects on their own instead of requiring large-scale human annotation. Intrigued by the potential range of uses for computer vision and artificial intelligence, he was inspired to leverage these new technologies for real-world applications in the home. Alex has an undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Hendrik profile pic: Hendrik-Dahlkamp-Lighthouse
Hendrik Dahlkamp — CTO and Co-founder
Hendrik previously co-founded two companies, both acquired by Google. His work led to the creation of Google Street View, Google Maps’ turn-by-turn directions and gesture recognition that was incorporated into Android’s technology. He is a DARPA Grand Challenge winner for Stanley, the first self-driving car, and was the first engineer at Google X. Hendrik has a BS in Computer Science and Math and an MS in Computer Science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. He left Stanford University’s PhD program to become an entrepreneur.
Board members and advisors.
Sebastian Thrun pic: Sebastian-Thrun-Lighthouse-Board-Member
Sebastian Thrun — Founding Board Member
Sebastian is the Founder and President of Udacity, a Research Professor at Stanford University, former Google Fellow, inventor of the autonomous car and lead on various projects at Google X including Google Glass. Sebastian has been named the 5th Most Creative Person in Business (Fast Company) and among the 50 Smartest People in Tech (Fortune).
Lior Susan pic: Lior-Susan-Lighthouse-Board-Member
Lior Susan — Investor and Board Member
Lior is the Founder of hardware venture fund Eclipse Ventures. Prior to launching Eclipse, Lior was Founder and General Partner at LabIX, the hardware investment platform of Flextronics. Lior is a serial entrepreneur, having founded multiple companies in Silicon Valley and Israel.
Andy Rubin pic: Andy-Rubin-Lighthouse-Investor-Advisor
Andy Rubin — Investor and Advisor
Andy is the Co-founder and CEO of hardware venture fund Playground Global. He is best known as the creator of Android, which, under his leadership at Google, became the world’s most widely used operating system. He also led Google’s robotics and automation division.
Bruce Leak pic: Bruce-Leak-Lighthouse-Investor-Advisor
Bruce Leak — Investor and Advisor
Bruce is a Co-founder at Playground Global. He has over three decades of experience in tech, most notably as the creator of QuickTime and the co-founder of WebTV. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Bruce has had successful stints at both Microsoft and Apple.
Chris Farmer pic: Chris-Farmer-Lighthouse-Investor-Advisor
Chris Farmer — Investor and Advisor
Chris is the founder and CEO of SignalFire, an early stage venture capital fund. Previously, Chris was a Partner with General Catalyst Partners, focusing on seed investment activities, a VP at Bessemer Venture Partners and a consultant with Bain & Co. He is an investor and advisor to numerous early stage startups.
Our home at Playground Global.
We’re proud to work under the Playground roof where innovation is not only encouraged, it’s expected. Our space fosters creativity and collaboration, giving the Lighthouse team an opportunity to take risks, challenge the status quo and build something truly innovative.
Playground Global pic: Playground-Global-Office
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