Help extend their golden years.

Lighthouse gives you the confidence to help your parents live their fullest lives at home.

“Lighthouse seems super useful if you have an elderly parent or grandparent who lives alone.”

“Let me know if you don’t see anyone between 4 and 7pm.”
"Ping me if you don't see anyone at the kitchen camera by 8am every day."

Know when patterns change.

The right safeguards help prevent bigger issues down the line. Have Lighthouse alert you for unusual activity so you know to check in.

“Tell me if you see anyone you don’t recognize.”
“Ping me when you see someone around 3pm on Tuesdays.”

Manage care from anywhere.

Check in on in-home helpers to ensure your loved one is receiving the best care. Get notified when they arrive, if the caregiver changes or if they bring anyone new.

“What happened while Nurse Amanda was there?”
“Show me everyone you saw between 3 and 6pm yesterday.”

See for yourself.

True peace of mind comes from knowing. Easily pull up footage of your parent’s interactions with caregivers and keep a watchful eye from anywhere.

Zero hassle.

Find peace of mind without requiring your loved ones to wear devices, replace batteries or change their daily routine. They don’t even need a smartphone.

“Summarize yesterday.”
“Who did you see at the front door camera this week?”
home care

Catch up quickly.

Voice-enabled search means you never have to scrub through footage “just in case.” Pull up specific clips or get a time-lapse, one-minute recap of the day.

“Let me know if you see anyone waving.”

Stay connected.

Keep communication lines open even if nobody’s answering the phone. Speak directly from the app through the camera with 2-way talk, or set up an alert to ping you if anyone waves hello.


Always there. Just like you.

Helping elderly parents or loved ones age in place is often daunting. Lighthouse helps you stay connected and informed while minimizing disruptions to seniors’ lives.

Customer Spotlight

“Stunning product!” “My, er, strong-willed 97½ year old mother positively refuses any in-home care, so I installed a Lighthouse camera... I love knowing that I'll get a push notification only if there's a potential problem, and otherwise no news is good news.”

- Alan S.

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