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Live streaming
See your home live in beautiful 1080p, with support for portrait and landscape modes.
No false alerts
Because of its 3D sensor and advanced AI, Lighthouse eliminates the annoying stream of motion alerts of other security cameras. No getting tricked by lighting changes or your pet – just when Lighthouse detects actual movement from people or large objects (like doors) when you’re away.
Get notified. Take action.
When you’re alerted to a possible security threat, sound the built-in security siren or use two-way talk.
Night vision
Only Lighthouse has full HD night vision, so it keeps watch even after the lights go down.
Guest Control
To eliminate false security alerts and get better notifications on what’s happening at home, you can invite family and trusted guests to the app – and set strict access permissions to keep your video private.
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Video search by voice
Instead of manually scrubbing hours of video to figure out what happened, use the Lighthouse app to just ask with your voice, naturally.

  • "What did the kids do while I was out yesterday?"
  • "Has the cat done anything interesting since I left?"
  • "Who did you see at the front door on Tuesday between 8 and 10am?"
  • "Did you see Chris with the dog at the front door last week while I was away?"

  • And if you’re the quiet type, you can instead type a brief search - just like you're Googling your home.
    People and pet recognition
    Any time you go back and review recorded video, color-coded halos make it easy to follow and sort out activity around adults, children and pets. And they’re just so cool.
    Daily Recap
    Review the events of the day with one tap. Timelapse videos automatically skip past periods of inactivity, so you can go straight to the action. Be in the know, in less than a minute.
    Save and share
    Select, download and share Lighthouse clips in just a few taps.
    Multi-camera support
    Easily switch views and search for activity across multiple cameras or multiple homes.
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    Pings: Custom notifications
    Ask Lighthouse to ping you the moment something important happens - or doesn't happen. Five seconds to set up, endless peace of mind.
    • "If you don't see the kids by 4pm on weekdays while I'm away, let me know."
    • "Tell me if you see anyone new while I'm gone."
    • "Send me a ping when John gets home today."
    • "Ping me if Dana doesn't arrive on Saturdays between 10 and 11am."
    • "Notify me if you see the kids downstairs between 10pm and 6am."
    • "Alert me if you don't see someone with the dog at the front door between 12 and 2pm when I'm out."
    • "Let me know if Mom doesn't enter the kitchen between 4pm and 8pm."
    What’s important, at a glance
    Whether it’s knowing when family members come and go, or what the dog’s up to while you’re away, get a quick rundown with the built-in Events feed. And with rich notifications, you don’t even have to open the app to know what’s up.
    Facial recognition
    Tag familiar faces to see instantly when someone new arrives on the scene.
    All systems go
    With the tri-color LED indicator on the camera or a quick check of the app, you can instantly check that Lighthouse is online, recording and streaming.
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    Two-way talk
    Listen and speak to family members and guests — of both the two and four-legged variety — using the built-in speaker and microphone.
    Wave hello (beta)
    When you’re away and your family wants to say hello, they can just wave to the camera. You’ll get a notification – like a hug from home – and with two-way talk, you can chat and check in live.
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    All connections are encrypted using bank-grade TLS/SSL with 2048-bit keys and AES-256 session encryption. Users log in using industry leading SRP-6a/PBKDF2 protocol. Device software is tamper-proof via a digitally signed bootloader and updates. All data is stored encrypted at rest with AES-256. Read more
    Data Privacy
    Your data is your own, period. No one will ever view your data without your explicit permission, and we will never sell your data for any reason. All video data is not accessible after 30 days. Read more
    Privacy you control
    You can set the camera feed to automatically pause recording when you return home, and resume when you leave, so your private time is your own. No one sees your data unless you explicitly share it.
    AI Service
    Lighthouse is powered by the first cloud-based AI service made for your life at home. The AI Service plan for each camera is available for $10/month or a one-time fee of $200.
    • 30-day video history: Access and search the last 30 days of recorded video.
    • Video search: Know what happened at home just by asking.
    • Pings: Receive customized updates about activities you care about.
    • Pings for security: Get notified only when Lighthouse detects actual movement from people and large objects (like doors) when you're away. Not shadows or pets.
    • People and pet detection: Get notifications and search by people and pet activity.
    • Recognizes adults vs. kids: Get notifications and search video specifically around your kids.
    • Facial recognition: Train Lighthouse to recognize family and trusted guests by face. Know when there’s a new friendly face.
    Compare Lighthouse with and without AI Service
    • 1080p HD video
    • High-quality automatic night vision
    • 95° diagonal field of view
    • Included base tilts up and down. Optional wall mount available.
    • Multi-camera setup - view all Lighthouse devices in one stream, or search by device, within a home or across multiple homes
    • Integrations are coming. Email us at to let us know what you’d like to see
    • Indoor use only
    • Check out all the tech specs here