Know the kids are all right.

Lighthouse notifies you on everything you need for peace of mind while they’re home alone.

“Lighthouse constantly analyzes the scene, alerting you if your kids aren’t home by a certain time after school.”

“Ping me when you see someone around 3:30pm on weekdays.”

Updates, like clockwork.

Get notified when your kids come home on time, without having to rely on them to remember to call or text.

“Let me know if you don’t see anyone by 4pm on weekdays.”

Know if something’s up.

Get alerted if your kids aren’t home by the expected time, so you know to check in.

“Did you see the kids with the dog over the weekend?”
“What happened while Brad and I were out yesterday?”

Catch (up on) any shenanigans.

Voice-enabled search means you never have to scrub through video to find out what happened. Save and share means you can keep that blackmail material forever.

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Reach them in seconds.

No phone? Or just not answering? No problem. Two-way talk means they’re always in reach.

Privacy. Guaranteed.

Lighthouse’s privacy controls were built with our own families in mind. Set it so that cameras stay on while your kids are home alone — but turn off automatically the instant you or your spouse arrive.

“Show me everyone you didn’t recognize this week.”
“Tell me if you see anyone new.”

See who’s coming over.

Keep track of friends and visitors, and get alerted if the camera sees someone new.

“Ping me if you see someone at the basement camera between 11pm and 5am.”
“Ping me if you see anyone at the garage camera while I’m not home.”

Keep danger zones covered.

Get notified if kids venture into off-limit areas — like where you keep the power tools.

Get Lighthouse today.